1.5 Carat Lab Created Ruby and Pave Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring in 18 Karat Gold

This beautiful halo engagement ring or right hand ring features 1.50 lab created ruby center stone which is set in a classic halo setting featuring 18 brilliant round  cut moissanite stones which measure 1 MM each and travel half way around the 18 karat white gold band.  Total number of 1 MM moissanite accent round stones is 36 pieces. 

Lab Created Ruby Grading Specifications:

Certificate Of Authenticity from GRA Included With Every Lab Created Ruby!
Overall Rating- Best AA-AAA
Color- Red Hue
Saturation- Vivid
Tone- Medium
Carat- 1.50 TCW

Gold Karat Weight:
18 Karat White Gold
"G18K" Inscription

More about lab created rubies-

Ratings for lab created ruby stones is identical to the grading system of naturally mined ruby stones.  This includes 4 color quality identifiers, AAA-B. AAA is the highest and rarest ruby found naturally, yet a majority of lab created rubies are rated AA-AAA!

In order for a ruby to be graded AAA is must have a red hue.  The stone's level of saturation is what gives ruby its color purity and intensity. The color saturation of ruby categories include vivid, strong, fair, medium, and weak. The highest quality rubies always have vivid color saturation. The stone's tone refers to how much color is in a ruby gemstone. Its ranges include very dark, dark, medium, light, very light. A medium tone is ideal for rubies! 

Lab created rubies chosen for our ring settings are carefully selected by our team of expert jewelers.  All lab created gemstone rings are made to order and will take 14-21 business days to fabricate and ship to you once your order is placed. For additional information regarding our lab created ruby rings please Contact Us!