Four Carat Pear Round and Oval Fancy Color Three Stone Moissanite Ring in 18 Karat Yellow Gold

This amazing four carat three stone moissanite ring features three fancy colored moissanite stones featuring a one carat fancy yellow round stone, a 1.5 carat vivid blue pear cut stone, and a 1.5 carat fancy pink oval cut moissanite stone .  The three stones create a unique ascending stone design and are set in a luxurious yellow 18 karat gold band. 

Moissanite to Diamond Equivalent -

Color - Fancy Pink, Vivid Blue, Fancy Yellow
Clarity - VVS1 
Cut - VG-EX
Carat - 4 TCW  (Ring Total)
Symmetry - VG 

Gold Karat Weight -

18 Karat Yellow Gold
Band inscription "G18K"

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