Unique Criss Cut Green Moissanite Stones

Boutique CZ offers affordable, conflict free diamond and gemstone alternatives including this fine collection of unique criss cut moissanite in a beautiful hue of green

What is the Criss Cut? A Criss Cut is a unique cut of a moissanite stone that is a variation of the emerald and/or the radiant cut. This specific cut features criss-crossed facets to amplify the stone's brilliance and fire. This cut, shallower than the emerald cut, incorporates more facets. This distinctive cut is achieved by incorporating triangular facets onto the steps of the moissanite's pavilion. These facets interact with each other, continuously reflecting light, resulting in a mesmerizing display that brings the moissanite to life.

We have 3 carat sizes available, however we can customize carat sizes to meet your needs!

Moissanite Stone Grading:
Color- D
Clarity- FL-VVS1 
Cut- VG-EX
Symmetry- EX

All Moissanite Stones Include A Certificate Of Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty! 

To learn more about moissanite and how it compares to diamonds, please visit our Moissanite FAQs

Moissanite stones are in high demand, and certain cuts and carat sizes may require production before shipping. Please anticipate in some cases up to 14 days for the arrival of your moissanite stone(s). Rest assured, you will receive shipping details, including tracking information, once your order has been dispatched.

All moissanite settings include a 30 day money back guarantee!  For more information please see our return policy