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Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity

When you purchase your new moissanite stone from Boutique CZ, it will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a limited lifetime warranty. This signifies our commitment to the quality of the moissanite we offer, providing you with assurance that your purchase is genuine and will maintain its value, comparable to any other gemstone or diamond.

A moissanite certificate of authenticity alone does not directly dictate the price of a moissanite stone. The certificate informs the buyer about the stone's dimensions, color, weight, polish, and quality.  This aids in assessing whether the stone's price aligns with its material, composition, and attributes. While both jewelry appraisals and certificates evaluate a stone's quality, the former assigns a subjective monetary value to it.

Regrettably, numerous online retailers and wholesalers offer synthetic moissanite stones, which are often cubic zirconia, rhinestones, or glass. Some may claim to provide a "certificate," but these are easily fabricated and do not guarantee the authenticity of your moissanite. The most reliable method to ascertain the genuineness and value of your moissanite (besides a certificate of authenticity) is by utilizing a "diamond tester" tool.

 A diamond tester is a compact device crafted to discern between diamonds and other gemstones. Its functionality relies on the principle that different gemstones conduct heat at varying rates. 

The device is equipped with a heated metallic tip, which is applied to the cool surface of the diamond, moissanite, cubic zirconia (CZ), or any other test material. By assessing the rate of heat transfer across the stone, the tester discerns whether the stone you have is a diamond or moissanite (that will provide a positive result) vs. a cubic zirconia or other imitation diamond (that will provide a negative result).  All moissanite and lab diamond stones from Boutique CZ are tested prior to shipping and we back each purchase with 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of arrival of your item. For more information, please contact us