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About Dark Blue Moissanite

Dark Blue moissanite presents a rare variation of the gemstone known as moissanite! Moissanite was initially discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan within tiny crystals found in a meteor crater. These crystals were later identified as silicon carbide and named moissanite.

Blue moissanite is a synthetic gemstone cultivated in laboratories, acquiring its distinctive hue through a technique known as "doping." Throughout the manufacturing process, impurities are deliberately infused into the silicon carbide crystal structure. The specific type and concentration of these impurities dictate the eventual coloration of the moissanite. For instance, the incorporation of boron into the crystal structure yields blue moissanite.

Considered a rare and precious gemstone dark blue moissanite commands a higher price due to its natural rarity. Initially costly to mine and collect, its value has significantly appreciated in recent years.

For individuals seeking alternatives to diamonds and other traditional gemstones without entirely departing from this category, moissanite emerges as an exceptional choice.