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About Lab Created Gemstones

Boutique Pavè offers a large collection of ethical, sustainable, and conflict free lab created precious and semi-precious gemstone engagement and wedding rings. The stone we choose for our settings are produced in a lab just as lab created diamonds are grown.  They too are genuine stones by definition, but do not require the extensive process of being mined from the earth!  The lab grown stone technology is able to create nearly perfect gemstones which feature bright hues of color and a minimal amount of natural incurring flaws/inclusions which impacts the stone's overall clarity.  The grading of precious gemstones, rubies, emeralds and sapphires is similar to that of diamonds.  The gemstone's value is primarily focused on the stone's color, clarity and cut which is discussed in detail for each gem below. 

The lab created gemstones we choose to place into our collections of engagement and wedding rings are only the highest quality lab stones.  Each lab gemstone ring purchased will include a certificate of authenticity and value, as well as a limited lifetime warranty.  

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About Lab Created Emeralds-

Since lab created emeralds and mined emeralds are nearly identical the grading of the stones is similar.  Jewelers identify emeralds as they do diamonds, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat aka the 4 C's.  Natural and lab created emerald stones are graded by jewelers by the following; AAAA (Heirloom), AAA (Best), AA (Better) and A (Good). Natural AAAA emeralds are considered the finest and rarest. They are a rich green in color minor inclusions which is very rare in natural emeralds as they are an inherent characteristic of natural emeralds. Stones that lack inclusions are most certainly not genuine.  

About Lab Created Rubies-

Ratings for lab created ruby stones is identical to the grading system of naturally mined ruby stones.  This includes 4 color quality identifiers, AAA-B. AAA is the highest and rarest ruby found naturally, yet a majority of lab created rubies are rated AA-AAA!

In order for a ruby to be graded AAA is must have a red hue.  The stone's level of saturation is what gives ruby its color purity and intensity. The color saturation of ruby categories include vivid, strong, fair, medium, and weak. The highest quality rubies always have vivid color saturation. The stone's tone refers to how much color is in a ruby gemstone. Its ranges include very dark, dark, medium, light, very light. A medium tone is ideal for rubies! 

Lab created rubies chosen for our ring settings are carefully selected by our team of expert jewelers.  All lab created gemstone rings are made to order and will take 14-21 business days to fabricate and ship to you once your order is placed.

About Lab Created Sapphires-

The color grading of lab grown sapphire gemstones is equal to that of naturally mined sapphires.  This is because lab created sapphires stones are in essence, genuine sapphires!!!

The 3 keys to identifying a sapphire's color grade is; hue, tone and saturation. Color is graded by placing the sapphire face up on a white surface. The hue should be royal blue and the tone should be deep blue.  The saturation should be even throughout the entire stone!

The best color for a blue sapphire is an intense deep royal blue. This color of sapphire would be considered AAA quality, the rarest and therefore the most valuable. The second best color is a medium rich blue, or AA quality. Any blue sapphires that have a gray undertone fit into the A category.  If the sapphire has a very dark, opaque blue color, they are considered B grade.  Our selection of lab created sapphire stones are AA-AAA quality.  The latest technology in sapphire lab creation imitates the natural process of sapphire stone creation in the earth. The only difference is our sapphire stones are grown in a lab and not mined! 100% conflict free!