Old European Cut Moissanite Stones

Boutique CZ offers high quality, affordable, conflict free diamond and gemstone alternatives including this fine collection of the unique Old European cut moissanite stones!

What is an Old European Cut Moissanite? This stone features an increased depth and sharper crown angles which will enhance their brilliance, akin to a prism dispersing sunlight into rainbows. As light traverses through the stone it refracts into various colors, each bending differently. These colors are subsequently reflected back to the observer's eye. Due to the greater distance traveled within a deeper stone the effect of fire is intensified, resulting in a more pronounced display of spectral colors. 

We have 5 carat sizes available, however we can customize carat sizes to meet your needs!

Moissanite to Diamond Equivalent Carat Weight (DEW) Carats-

  • Moissanite 6.5 MM =  1.00 TCW - DEW
  • Moissanite 8 MM = 2.00 TCW - DEW
  • Moissanite 9 MM = 3.00 TCW - DEW
  • Moissanite 10 MM = 4.00 TCW - DEW
  • Moissanite 11 MM = 5.00 TCW - DEW

Moissanite Stone Grading:
Color- D/Colorless
Clarity- FL - VVS1 
Cut- VG-EX
Symmetry- EX

All Moissanite Stones Include A Certificate Of Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

*Moissanite stones are highly sought after and some cuts and carat sizes need to be produced prior to shipping.  Please allow up to 14 days to receive your moissanite  stone(s). You will receive shipping information with tracking information once we ship your order. 

To learn more about moissanite and how it compares to diamonds, please visit our Moissanite FAQs

All moissanite settings include a 30 day money back guarantee!  For more information please see our return policy

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